Cyber security threats to critical infrastructure continue to evolve at an ever-increasing rate worldwide. Governments, corporations and individuals experience more sophisticated and prolific cyber-attacks on a regular basis. Keeping entities secure online requires planning, vigilance and constant defensive tactics – to keep updated on the latest threats and defenses and to stay ahead of attacks. Tomorrow’s solutions are developed in the minds of entrepreneurs today. Abanacle is committed to fostering the development of new technologies through our Cybersecurity Incubator creating a stronger, safer environment for private, commercial and public enterprise.

Abanacle offers client services to help them develop an effective security strategy – including organization, governance, process, metrics and technology integration. When it comes to cyber security, Abanacle partners deliver complete independent assessments for all areas of IT so organizations can know their strengths, weaknesses and risk factors. Enterprises need to know how they stand to meet regulatory and compliance mandates.


  • IT Infrastructure Security
  • Architecture System Communication
  • Secure Platform Solution
  • Government Service Sector
  • Border Defense
  • Geo-Positioning
  • Encrypted Communication