Information is everywhere: in news, social media, mobile apps, blogs, infrastructure, imagery… even our vary way of life.   Open source intelligence is publicly available sources, this course teaches law enforcement organizations (LEOs) how to capture the information available and turn it into actionable intelligence.


To really understand Advanced OSINT, we need to understand how it works, the Instructor will address important questions about OSINT, such as:
  • How can Advanced OSINT assist me in a case?
  • What type of tools that exist today and how practical they are to an investigation?
  • Advanced OSINT and the future for criminals vs. LEO’s.
  • How practical is historical media, and how can it assist LEO’s today.
Advanced OSINT will give LEO’s the ability to learn, isolate a threat, or prevent an unfavorable action within their area of operation.


Students will be required to have laptop for Advanced OSINT course. The course will be hands-on covering skills in class to gain experience with AOSINT and investigations.
  • Laptop will have either Windows or Mac OS installed and working.
  • VMware or Virtual Box downloaded and working (will be covered in course).
  • DVD player for software to be installed within the virtual machine (VM).
  • Students will be required to have administrator access to their laptops in order to disable certain security features that may hinder the VM from executing commands.
  • The Advanced OSINT course will be used in conjunction with Internet, laptop must be able to connect to the Internet.
  • Laptops operating system will be installed and working efficiently.

Who Should Attend

Who should take this course?
  • Law Enforcement Personnel (Local, State, Federal)
  • Military Criminal Investigator
  • Risk Management Personnel

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Officer / Investigator Awareness (OPSEC) while performing online investigations.
  • Constructing Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Introduction to Linux Distributions (OS)
  • Search Engines
  • Social Networks
  • Facebook Law Enforcement Portal
  • People Search Engine
  • Erased Data (Web Archives / Portal, Cached)
  • Open Documents / How can they be used against the entity.
  • Wardriving
  • API
  • Building RSS Feeds for investigations
  • GeoSpatial Intelligence GEOINT
  • Metadata
  • TOR / Installation and trolling
  • Android Enumeration for Investigation
Instructor: Josef Blann                                       Register Now
Phone: +1 (954) 674-2700  |  Office Hours: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM EDT