Our secured biometric authentication and verification products have been developed after years of extensive R&D in the field. Our cards are customizable and feature multi-factor authentication.   The Interoperable Credential Verification (ICV™) Card has the ability to store encrypted personal information on the user. More importantly, it can store multiple forms of biometric authentication, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, retina scan and voice recognition. We offer customized card solutions for biometric user authentication which can serve as the universal identification for access, authorization and identification.   Secure Payment Processing: Abanacle also offers a product line of hardware and software solutions that facilitates mobile payment processing and the management of consumer credit information. This line of cards and card readers can be used to substantially reduce banking and transaction fraud throughout many different industries

ICV Card Features:

  • Portable and convenient, the ICV™ Card can fit into a wallet.
  • It is lightweight, waterproof and tamper resistant.
  • Data encrypted with up to AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Can store 10 fingerprints and a range of records (passport & visa information, medical records, student information, etc.)
  • Designed with an additional fingerprint security feature to prevent information from being accessed until authorized.
  • Docking station for card works with standard computers to retrieve or update the visitor’s profile.
  • Allows officials to activate, view, store and retrieve the ICV™ cardholders’ photo and other key information (passport, visa, etc.)
  • ICV™ software permits activation and remote deactivation of the cardholders’ account information.
  • Displays alerts for expired or revoked ICV™ cards.
  • Intended to be interoperable with government and other authorized databases for record processing and verification.
  • Generates custom reports and statistics about the ICV™ cardholder, whether used for business transactions or other identification purposes.
  • The card can be reused since information and fingerprints can be erased once cardholder has been removed from the system