Computer-based and instructor-led,

for commercial organizations and government agencies.


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Abanacle provides cybersecurity consulting and training, computer-based and instructor-led, for commercial organizations and government agencies. 

Abanacle operates a cybersecurity incubator in partnership with, and is located on the campus of, Nova Southeastern University.

Abanacle has also developed a biometrically encrypted smartcard that can be used in many government, commercial, travel, healthcare financial and access management scenarios.

Abanacle owns and operates several divisions dedicated to the advancement of cybersecurity and partners with several companies for the development of encrypted hardware with biometric authentication capabilities.

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Washington Office

1747 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Suite 1250

Washington, DC 20006 USA

Florida Office

3401 SW 160 Avenue

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Miramar, FL USA



3512 S University Drive
Davie, FL 33314